Around the House 04-07-2014

In this week’s Around the House segment, host Don Magruder, the CEO of Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply Inc., in Leesburg, Florida is speaking with Jeremy Lipham, Ro-Mac Lumber Design Center Manager and Captain Mike Baker who is a Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply Sales Representative and one of the top experts in roof trusses in Central Florida.  Mike is also a nationally ranked Bass Pro Shop Crappie Master who has fished tournaments throughout the nation.

Before you actually start construction on any major construction project you must have a plan or blueprint which meets all of Florida’s strict codes.  Having the right plans, which incorporate the dreams of the homeowners while providing a strong, long lasting project, is the goal of any designer. Today’s show will be discussing the expertise needed and the elements that will ensure a quality design and set of plans.  

Also being discussed today is Romac’s use of intelligent 3D Residential Design. The Romac approach is based on a single master 3D virtual model, from which the 2D Drawings are generated. This approach allows for a far more interactive design experience for our customers and results in a superior quality set of construction documents in less time and with less errors than traditional 2D drafting techniques. An additional benefit of working with the Romac team is the ability to have the 3D virtual Model data sent to the Truss Design Department from which complete Truss layout & engineering documentation can be generated. The Romac Integrated design approach is without doubt more cost effective and accurate, but more importantly, it allows us to exceed our customer’s expectations and consistently deliver a quality set of construction plans.

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