Around the House 04-14-2014

In this week’s Around the House segment, host Don Magruder, the CEO of Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply Inc., in Leesburg, Florida is speaking with one of the top eminent domain attorney’s in the state of Florida, Raymer F. Maguire of the Maguire Lassman Law Firm and also in the studio is Steve Jones, a top expert in eminent domain pipeline issues and president of Land Owner Consulting, Inc.

Probably one of the scariest and most controversial issues in real estate is the subject of eminent domain — the government’s ability to seize your private property for “the common good” of all.  In Lake and Sumter Counties, in Florida, due to new and upgraded infrastructure needs, a lot of property owners are facing eminent domain issues.  Most property owners are not aware of their rights and today’s discussion will be focused on some of the questions and issues people are facing.

This special edition radio show discussion* is being taped by LSTV (Lake-Sumter TV) and will air on the LSTV Channel, which is a local Lake County Florida cable station.

*Disclaimer: Today’s show is for discussion purposes only and not intended to offer any legal opinion or advice.  Always consult your attorney before taking any legal action.