Doors & Millwork

Custom doors, moulding, and trim made to order


Unlike the big box stores that only offer a one-size-fits-all solution, RoMac Doors can cut down doors, shift hinge placement, change lock positions to fit your needs, and save you money.
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Easy Home Improvement

RoMac Doors is proud to work with brands like Therma-Tru to bring you some beautiful options that will dramatically upgrade the look and curb-appeal of your home. One of our sales representatives will be happy to help you customize and choose the door you’ve always wanted.
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RoMac has a fully operational Custom Door & Millwork Plant right here in the heart of Central Florida. Custom jobs are just a walk in the park for the most experienced door professionals in Central Florida. Stop by to see what we can make for you or browse our catalog online.
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Emergency Repair and Replacement

RoMac Doors is available in case of emergencies due to break-ins, storms, or fire.
door repair and replacement

Need A New Look?

When you look at your front entrance, do you see a door that is ordinary, uninteresting, dull, boring, worn-out, beat-up, or just plain ugly? If so, then you, like thousands of other homeowners in Lake and Sumter Counties, may believe you are stuck with a front door that detracts from the beauty of your home. But you don’t have to. At RoMac Doors in Leesburg we can easily improve the look of your entrance door without breaking the bank.

Most homeowners believe replacing an ugly front door is a big, expensive ordeal that requires hiring a carpenter. With RoMac doors — not necessarily. Our door technicians can unpin hinges to an old, ugly front door and have it replaced with the door of your dreams, in short order.

RoMac’s custom door plant in downtown Leesburg can size and hinge new doors to fit most existing openings, and our installation specialists can usually replace the entire door without ever removing the door jamb.


If you need to replace both the door and jamb (door unit), because of damage from rain, humidity, or sprinklers, we’ve got you covered there too—from permitting to installation. We can install a fiberglass door unit with composite jambs and moulding that is completely rot resistant. A true set-it-and-forget-it door solution.

Interior Door Solutions

We offer the most innovative solutions for replacing plain, worn out interior doors in your home. Using specially milled interior doors, that can easily be re-hinged to match your existing door openings,

you can have embossed panel and cathedral doors installed in your home in a very short time. You won’t believe what a beautiful difference it will make, and it adds significantly to the value of your home. All for just a few extra dollars.

Expert Craftsmanship

RoMac Doors is managed by Chuck Shoop, a master tradesman in custom doors and custom millwork. Chuck has been solving difficult door problems at RoMac for over 20 years and previously worked as a master craftsman in the cabinet industry for nearly two decades. Chuck and his skilled team of craftsman are ready to serve you, solve your door problems quickly and cost effectively, and make your home beautiful.

Full Service Facility

RoMac Doors offers a variety of special services such as our popular Front Door Overhaul that includes:

  • Fix or repair torn or missing weatherstrip
  • Replace torn door bottom and adjust threshold
  • Adjust door to stop dragging

Additional Services Include:

  • Lock replacement
  • Lock re-keying
  • Moulding repair
  • Door upgrades
  • Cut-out for door lights
  • Door replacement
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