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In short, RoMac Building Supply is one of Central Florida’s most experienced and reliable garage door service and repair providers. We offer you annual maintenance plans and 24/7 emergency repair services, so you can receive the most out of your garage door. In addition, RoMac Garage Doors is a team of licensed and insured garage door repair specialists that have you covered.

RoMac brings 75 years of experience providing expert garage door service and repairs in The Villages, Leesburg, Mount Dora, and Ocala, as well as, all throughout Lake County, Sumter County and Central Florida. In fact, our certified technicians can repair any kind of garage door. Due to the fact that they are trained in a wide range of repair and maintenance services including garage door realignment, fixing garage door parts, adjusting safety sensors, replacing drums, and adjusting keypads and garage door openers.

Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems

Indeed, they are frustrating scenarios—a garage door that won’t open, a remote that won’t work, or a door that seems to gets stuck over and over again. For example, older (or even new) garage door systems that were improperly installed or compromised in some way can fail and require repairs. Furthermore, if your garage door is acting up or not working at all, here are some of the most common issues, and the repairs you may need to fix them.

Garage Door Problems & Solutions


My garage door clatters

Potential Solution:

This may be due to loose parts. Tightening all hinges, nuts and bolts, and adding lubrication may help soothe areas of friction.


My garage door doesn’t open all the way

Potential Solution:

You may need to tighten your chain tension.


My garage door light isn’t working

Potential Solution:

This may be due to a bad bulb or socket. Using a bulb of the incorrect wattage can cause a light socket to fail.


My garage door won’t open or close

Potential Solution:

First, check that the system has power. Your sensor lens may also be dirty or out of alignment. Lubrication can also help garage doors open and close easier.


My garage door remote AND wall switch don’t work

Potential Solution:

This could be the result of a bad circuit board due to a lightning strike or other issue. This will require repairs, and a surge protector can help prevent such issues in the future.


The trolley carriage is moving but the garage door does not open

Potential Solution:

Your trolley carriage is likely broken and needs replacing.


My garage door remote doesn’t work

Potential Solution:

Replace the batteries in your remote. If that doesn’t work, you may need a new one.


My garage door wall switch doesn’t work

Potential Solution:

The wall switch or switch wires might need to be replaced.


My garage floor gets wet when it rains, or I can see light from inside the garage.

Potential Solution:

The garage door’s weather seal probably needs to be replaced.

Although some properly diagnosed garage door issues can be easily repaired on a do-it-yourself basis, many other issues require the help of trained professionals. Besides, tension springs, cables and other mechanical systems can be dangerous–and can even take a finger off or lead to other serious accidents if improperly adjusted by an untrained person. When in doubt, call a licensed and insured garage door service and repair specialists like RoMac Garage Doors. Above all, we will help get your garage door repaired quickly, correctly and affordably.

Why Choose RoMac for Your Garage Door Repairs?

Garage Door Repair Professionals

At RoMac, we’re garage door repair professionals. With 75 years of experience, our licensed, insured & factory trained repair technicians can fix any make or model of garage door. We do overhead garage door repairs the right way, the first time and can always get the parts you need.

Guaranteed Quality & Warranty Protection

We stand behind our garage door repair services with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing your garage door is being expertly repaired by a decades-old local company with countless 5-star reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, Houzz, Porch & Nextdoor.

Florida Garage Door Repair Specialists

Florida’s stringent hurricane codes demand attention to detail. As Central Florida garage door installation and repair specialists, we’re experts at compliance with local building codes. If you need a new garage door to meet current codes, we offer a wide range to choose from.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

RoMac provides 7-Days-a-Week garage door repair services. We work around the clock to accommodate your needs and can schedule your repairs at your convenience.

After Hours Emergencies, Call:


Garage Door Maintenance Services

We not only handle complete garage door repairs, but also provide regular garage door maintenance service and tune-ups. Keep your garage door in perfect working order with annual balancing, lubrication, spring adjustment, sensor alignment and roller, cable & security checks.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

We not only service and repair garage doors, but also garage door openers. From replacing wall switches, wiring, remotes and sensors to lights, circuit boards, trolley carriages and completely new garage door openers from the industry’s leading brands, we do it all and at fair rates.

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