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Lumber is In our Blood

RoMac Building Supplies works with some of finest lumber producers in North and South America to supply our customers with the highest quality wood and lumber on the market. We maintain an extensive inventory including Western Spruce, Southern Yellow Pine, Western Cedar, Cedar Siding, White Pine, Pressure Treated, Borate Treated, and Ground Contact Lumber. If we don’t have it in stock, we can get it for your quickly.
Lumber Storage

Framing Lumber

RoMac stocks quality dimensional lumber in a variety of sizes to fit almost every construction project as well as wood and composite panels, foundation materials, and roofing supplies.
Frame of House

Finishing Lumber

We also carry and stock high quality finish wood to give your clients the customization they demand. Choose from our variety of classic hardwoods and everything else you might need to complete your custom project.
Finishing Lumber

In-House Expertise

Lumber comes in all qualities, sizes, dimensions, and grades. At RoMac, we offer you a level of service and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. Our highly trained staff is with you through every step of your project. From product selection to job estimation, we don’t just sell building materials, we provide expert advice and service.
Lumber Experts

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