Engineered to meet your needs

Large or Small, We Make Them All

RoMac can make precision trusses for any project, large or small, to your specifications. We deliver the finished project on time, shipped directly to the building site. RoMac Truss Company offers complete truss design and layout services specializing in Roof and Floor Trusses.

Truss Frame

Custom Designed Trusses

We customize trusses for your individual project needs using top quality materials and, we build for Florida’s stringent hurricane codes. We can design, build, and deliver trusses for Commercial Jobs, New Home Construction, Home Remodels, and Additions.
New Home Construction

Design, Build, and Deliver

Utilizing the latest computer technology, RoMac’s skilled Truss Designers have the experience and knowledge to map out the optimum truss system for your roof, ensuring the strongest, most cost-effective means of completing your project. We use state- of-the-art technology to ensure your trusses are built quickly and accurately.
CAD Design

Professional Expertise at Your Disposal

For builders and the Do-It-Yourself Home Builder a chat with a RoMac Lumber professional before pulling that building permit can make the job go a lot easier. RoMac Truss Company can provide you with truss engineering, which can assist you in obtaining your permit.
Truss Table

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