Window Replacement & Installation

Should I Replace My Old Windows?

If you live in a house that was built before 2001, then chances are you have contractor-grade windows installed that no longer meet Florida’s tough building codes. Generally, most contractors before 2001 routinely installed standard-grade aluminum frame, single-pane windows to keep the costs down. Although those cheaper windows may serve their purpose, they have a limited lifespan and can lead to high power bills in the summer.

  • Broken Glass Panes
  • Sweating Windows
  • Leaking Windows
  • Broken Window Hardware
  • High Electric Bills
  • Fogged Windows / Window Condensation
  • Dingy, Dirty Windows
  • Broken Window Frames
  • Drafty Windows

When you need window replacement in Leesburg, Lady Lake, Ocala, The Villages, Mt. Dora, or anywhere in Central Florida, RoMac is your best choice. We carry the highest-quality warrantied window products with financing options available. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation window replacement quote, and ask about our fantastic financing option.

RoMac Window Installation Services

When it comes to window installation, experience counts. Your home isn’t just the place you live in; it is a place where you create lasting memories. 

RoMac has provided professional window installation services in The Villages, Lady Lake, Leesburg, Mount Dora, Ocala, and other areas of Lake County, Sumter County, and Central Florida for over 70 years. We are not only window installers, we’re a full-service, new, and replacement windows dealer that specializes in window sales, installation, and repairs. We also offer complete, affordable financing.

Things to Consider Before Installing Replacement Windows

Today, “do-it-yourself” is a popular mantra for many home renovation projects.  While that works for many interior projects, we can assure you this does not apply to window installation. Installing replacement windows is not a job for amateurs.  Between permits and wind codes, you need an expert to ensure your windows are installed correctly.

 Improper installation can cost you thousands of dollars if windows have to be re-ordered, not to mention the ongoing costs due to improper fit, high energy bills, and weather damage to the inside of your home. As a result, it is always best to find a local window installation company with factory-trained professionals. If you do decide to tackle window installation yourself, keep in mind the following:

  • Check with your local building department and get the necessary permits.
  • Make sure your windows are approved for Florida.
  • Windows should always be installed level, plumb and square.
  • Improper fits allow air intrusion and water infiltration.
  • Always take exact measurements. 
  • Be sure you start with the right tools so that your installation project doesn’t drag on and unnecessarily expose your home to inclement weather.
  • Make sure all fasteners are installed per the Florida Building Code for your area.
  • Make sure your fit & finish are perfect every time.
  • If your home has window openings that are not square, you may need to adjust them which can involve trimming, restoration or creation of new surfaces and finishes.

Why Choose RoMac for Your Window Replacement and Installation?

Experienced Window Installers

Our professional window installation specialists are experienced, trained, licensed and insured. No matter what type of window installation you require, they can get the job done quickly and affordably.

Guaranteed Quality & Warranty Protection

For over 75 years, RoMac Building Supply has built our reputation by providing quality products and window installation services. We offer the highest quality window brands.

Florida Window Replacement Specialists

We are an industry leader among Central Florida window companies. Subsequently, we understand how the local climate and weather affect your windows and the damage it can cause. As a result, we know the best methods for Florida window replacement and installation.

Two Showrooms with Leading Brands

If it turns out that you’d be better served with new windows, we have the best around. With two large showrooms in Leesburg and Ocala featuring the largest assortment of major brands in the area, including top-sellers like Lincoln, Anderson, PGT, Kolbe, MI-BetterBilt, and more, you are sure to find the perfect window for your home. Before you buy, inspect your windows and get expert advice from our professionals.

New Construction, Replacement Windows & Window Repairs

When it comes to window installation, we do it all. Whether you’re a home builder involved in new construction, a homeowner installing replacement windows for a renovation or remodel project, or need window repair service or a retrofit, we can help.

Complimentary Home Visits & Quotes

RoMac offers free, no-obligation window installation estimates conducted by our professional technicians. They’ll be able to advise you on the most effective and budget-friendly installation options. We always provide you with the most competitive prices and also offer affordable financing options.


Please fill out the contact form any questions, comments, to request information on a retro-fit or window service. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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