The Azalea

Plan Description
Meet The Azalea, this single-story home allows you to entertain in style with an upstairs bonus room and large lanai.

Floor Plan

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Full Specs & Features

Basic Features

Bedrooms – 3

Baths – 2

Garage – 3 Car

Lanai – 1

Front Porch – 1


Depth: 60′ FT

Width: 60′ FT

Height: 8′ FT


Living: 2025 Sq/Ft

Garage: 747 Sq/Ft

Lanai: 361 Sq/FT

Porch: 61 Sq/Ft

Bonus Room: 358 Sq/Ft

Total: 3552 Sq/Ft


Pitch: 8″/12″, 9″/12″

Roof Type: Architectural grade shingle

Roof Structure: Truss Layout

Exterior Wall

Wall Finish: Lap Siding

Exterior Wall Material: CMU Wall

Insulation: 3/4 R-Matte

Outdoor Spaces

Front Porch


Kitchen Features

Kitchen Island


Living, Bedrooms, Office: 8′-0″

Garage, lanai, front porch: 8′-4″

What’s Included in this Plan Set

Floor plan, Elevations, Foundation Plan, Roof Layout with Details, Electrical Plans, Detail Sheets Applicable to Plans, Florida Approved Code Standard Note Sheet.

– Floor Plans: ¼” = 1-0″ scale floor plan indicating the location of the frame and masonry walls, support members, doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, shelving, ceiling conditions, and notes deemed relevant to this plan.

– Elevations: All elevations at ¼” = 1’-0” scale. The drawing will indicate at each side view of the house, roof overhangs, header heights, roof pitches, materials used, and any details we feel necessary to explain the construction.

– Foundation Plans: ¼” = 1’-0” scale. Foundation plans indicating the location of structural walls, water drains, roof footer, floor slope, floor level, reinforcing steel, structural columns, and structural post and any details we feel necessary to explain the construction.

– Electrical Plans: ¼” = 1’-0” scale. Plans indicating location and types of electrical fixtures, switches, outlets, and how they are to be switched.

– Roof Plans: ¼” = 1’-0” scale. Roof plans show roof location, truss layout, anchor connectors, and structural detail.

– Structural detail: Scale and not to scale details showing construction specifications.

– Standard Notes: Information about codes and help instructions for the construction of the project.

Engineered by a Qualified Florida Engineer.

– Truss Layout Engineered with each Truss Reactions and Strapping Details.

– Complete Material Take-off with Pricing.

– Florida Approved Energy Calculations with Duck Work. (optional)

– Revisions available for a fee.