Understanding Your Window Options

Exorbitant power bills?  Your outdated windows could be the culprit!

For decades in the state of Florida, most windows installed were single pane aluminum windows, which only have two basic functions; allow light and ventilation in the home. Today, single pane aluminum frame windows are not acceptable in residential construction because the don’t have the insulating value required by Florida’s modern day building codes. Unfortunately, thousands of these energy inefficient windows are still found homes throughout Florida, costing homeowners real money each month through exorbitant power bills.

So how do you know if your windows need replacing?

It doesn’t take a special technician to determine if a homeowner has these inefficient windows- it simply takes a touch. At the hottest or coldest point of the day, go to your windows and simply touch the window pane and frame. If the window pane and frame feels like the temperature on the outside then the outside climate is being transferred inside the home eating away at the cooling provided by your air conditioner.

Another visible sign of energy inefficient windows is sweat on the window sill and frame when the weather is cold outside. This could be called “sweating to the oldies” because sweating occurs when cold outside temperatures are combined with warm inside heat transferred through old outdate aluminum windows. It’s the same principle as sweat on cold soda can.

Energy Efficient Replacement Options

New technology has finally made its way to the window industry, and new homeowners today are enjoying dramatically lower energy bills because of advancements in energy efficiency. New vinyl windows with high performance Low-E insulated glass keeps the outside temperatures from affecting the conditions inside the home. Advancements in PVC manufacturing have created window frames which are durable for a lifetime and eliminate most of the transference of temperatures from the outside.