Why Won’t My Garage Door Open/Close?

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Troubleshoot your garage door with this expert advice from RoMac Building Supply’s Garage Door Manager, Jim Chaput! These simple tips and tricks can help you save money in your pocket.

Windows in Florida

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Florida’s building codes, along with our hot and humid climate have led to a lot of changes in Windows over the last fifteen years. Selecting the right windows for your next project is crucial. RoMac Windows install and service windows across Central Florida offering a wide assortment from the country’s largest window manufacturers.

Garage Door Repair

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Nothing gets your heart racing like pushing the button on your garage door opener and having nothing happen. Whether you’re trapped inside or out, it’s an awful feeling and the panic you feel during these situations can be quite stressful. Luckily, there are some quick fixes that can save you from these situations.

Florida Building Codes

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Most construction projects that fail are because of poor planning directly related to their construction drawings. Construction drawings will determine if your project is going to be done correctly, on time, and most importantly within code. Here at the Design Center, we can assure that your plans are properly within code and make that next project a successful one.

RoMac Custom Door and Millwork Plant

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Unlike the big box stores that only offer a one-size-fits-all solution, RoMac Doors can cut down doors, shift hinge placements, change lock positions to fit your needs, and save you money.

RoMac Truss Plant

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When you need a truss for your next project, turn to RoMac. We have in-house designers that will work with you to make sure your specifications are met as well as a complete truss fabrication plant to make your trusses. We cut, assemble, and deliver your trusses in a timely manner to make sure you stay on track with your project.

Custom Mouldings

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Should you wish to match an existing profile for a renovation project, we have the equipment to precisely replicate the moulding profile, or we can fabricate an exclusive design to meet your individual taste. We’ll create a moulding template that matches your existing or custom moulding profile and custom craft the steel cutting knives 100% in-house. This allows for exact reproductions for any restoration or individual preference in a timely, cost effective manner.

RoMac Custom Mouldings

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RoMac has a fully operational Custom Door & Millwork Plant right here in the heart of Central Florida. Custom jobs are just a walk in the park for the most experienced moulding and millwork professionals in Central Florida.