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From Foundation to the Rooftop, RoMac's Got You Covered

RoMac Building Supply's purpose statement is a commitment to provide professional builder's,  remodelers, and do-it-yourself homeowners with the highest quality materials and service in the state of Florida.   



  1. Logo Usage: The RoMac Building Supply and RoMac Distribution logos should be used in their entirety and should not be altered in any way, including changing the colors, scaling disproportionately, or adding any additional elements.

  2. Clear Space: To ensure the logo is legible and visually appealing, please maintain a clear space around the logo. This space should be at least equal to the height of the "m" in the logo.

  3. Minimum Size: To ensure the logo is legible and recognizable, please do not use it at a size smaller than 1 inch in width.

  4. Logo Color: Please use the approved RoMac Building Supply and RoMac Distribution logo colors, which are RoMac Blue and Green for the primary colors. The logo should primarily be used on a white background for optimal clarity. In cases where the primary logo is not suitable, the white or black logo can be used. 

  5. Brand Font: Please use the Aero Matics (bold) font for all RoMac Building Supply branding and marketing materials, including the logo. Helvetica can be used when Aero Matics is not available. 

  6. Logo Formats: The RoMac Building Supply logo is available in various file formats, including JPEG, PNG, and EPS. Please use the appropriate file format for the intended use. If you require a different file format, please contact the marketing department.


When RoMac Building Supply is part of a logo lock-up with another brand, certain standards must be maintained.


The two logos should:

  • Always be separated with a dividing line Spaced appropriately Other logo in lock-up should be a similar size to the RoMac Building Supply logo

  • In a vertical lock-up, RoMac Building Supply should be on top of the partner logo. In a horizontal lock-up, RoMac Building Supply should be to the left of the partner logo.

  • Logo placement should be agreed upon by both brands.



Primary Colors

Please note that the primary colors for RoMac Building Supply and RoMac Distribution are RoMac Green and RoMac Blue limited to the specified color codes. It is important to use the appropriate codes for the specific format to ensure that the correct colors are being utilized on all associated collateral.

RoMac Blue Color
RoMac Green Color
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