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Crafting Elegance with Durability: The New Entry Door at Yalaha Bakery

The elegance and craftsmanship of a well-built door can profoundly enhance a building's aesthetic appeal and functionality. RoMac Building Supply, renowned for its commitment to high-quality construction materials and expert craftsmanship, recently exemplified this through the installation of a beautiful, durable entry door at the iconic Yalaha Bakery in Yalaha, Florida.

Modern Meets Traditional: The Innovative Door Composition

At RoMac, our team is always focused on blending practicality with aesthetics. In creating the new door unit for Yalaha Bakery, we combined modern composite products and time-tested wood materials to deliver a result that not only looks stunning but is also built to last.

For the door jambs, we used a textured composite material that can be stained to match the required color. This selection was made with longevity in mind – the composite door frame eliminates worries of rot, bug infestation, or decay that can plague traditional wood jambs, especially in Florida's high-moisture weather conditions.

To ensure many years of smooth operation, commercial-grade ball bearing hinges were chosen for their exceptional durability. Aluminum thresholds with composite substrates were incorporated to deliver a lifetime of good service.

African Elegance: Sapele Hardwood

The door slabs and the sidelight panels, the defining elements of the entry, were crafted from an exquisite West African hardwood called Sapele. A close cousin to mahogany in terms of workability, color, texture, and longevity, sapele is increasingly becoming the go-to alternative as mahogany becomes harder to source.

Sapele's robust qualities have made it a favored choice in furniture making, cabinetry, door and window manufacturing, musical instruments millwork, and even boatbuilding. It's beautiful grain and rich color add an exotic touch that is truly delightful to behold.

Attention to Detail: Matching Color and Conserving Original Elements

In keeping with the existing wood trim, the door unit was carefully stained in a dark walnut shade on the outside and red mahogany on the inside, which beautifully complements the Sapele's natural tones. A finishing layer of spar urethane was applied to protect the wood from the elements and preserve its natural beauty.

But our commitment to quality and authenticity didn't stop there. We painstakingly reused the original glass from the old door unit to ensure a perfect match with the glass in the existing transom. The original wood and black iron door handles were also retained to preserve the theme of the original entry door.

The result is a seamless integration of the new with the old – an elegant, robust new entry door that upholds the character and charm of Yalaha Bakery while promising durability and longevity. It's a testament to RoMac's unwavering dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

At RoMac Building Supply, we're not just building doors, we're crafting entrances that leave a lasting impression.

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